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Kristina Billinger

As a child, I would sit for hours looking through the Tom Thomson coffee table book in my parent’s living room. The iconic pieces that Tom Thomson and The Group of Seven painted in the early 20th century captured the Canadian landscape, unlike any other artists before them. They still to this day remind me of the landscapes where we camped when I was young and where I’ve returned with my family to enjoy summer vacations. The Group of Seven and Tom Thomson have inspired many artists, including myself, who wish to capture Canada’s raw beauty in a bold, colourful and contemporary impressionistic style.

Pam Buckler

Pam Buckler needs to go no further than the Kawartha Lakes area to get inspiration for her artwork of lake scenes and local landmarks.

Painting in acrylics, but using the watercolour techniques on paper, Pam specializes in cottage/home renditions and takes commissions. She also likes to use pen and ink, then adding colour for some of her artwork and offers full classes in Peterborough.

Paul Chester

Inspired by the horizons, water scenes and rolling hills that surround his studio in Southeastern Ontario, the contemporary paintings of Paul Chester portray peaceful settings in the natural landscape: metaphors for the passage of time.

Danielle Czikan

Danielle is a local artist who’s beautiful floral paintings have been featured in several art shows throughout Peterborough and The Kawartha Lakes.

David Goyette

David Goyette is a visual artist located in Lakefield, Ontario.

His work is influenced primarily by the New York School of abstract expressionism of the 1950s and 1960s, and the later practitioners of lyrical abstraction. He is an admirer of colour field abstraction and cites his influences as Robert Motherwell, Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, James Brooks, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Helen Frankenthaler, Hans Hofmann, Theodoros Stamos and Gerhard Richter.

His work focuses on large scale acrylic abstract paintings that celebrate the drama of colour. David typically begins the creative process with a feeling for colour and a basic sense of composition. From that point on, the process is largely free form and it informs David as much as he does it.

David Hickey

Early in my career, I moved to Rhode Island where I developed and directed a gallery whose goal was to teach art to adults with special needs. During this period of fifteen years, I exhibited my work throughout New England, in particular Boston and Providence, R.I.Through a mentorship in metalwork and a jewelry course at the Rhode Island School of Design my skill in working with metal was developed. In 2004, I moved back to Ontario to pursue art as my full-time profession. Growing up in the Kawarthas with its many lakes and forests has influenced my work. Many of my pieces reflect the landscape that is so much a part of our Canadian heritage.

Michelle Hutchinson

Michelle Hutchinson is an award-winning Canadian abstract floral artist drawing inspiration from the natural beauty of her rural surroundings. She is energized by expansive sky views, changing water patterns, the abundance of wildflowers and the unfolding seasons.

Michelle’s original mixed media paintings are recognizable for their vitality, energy, and spontaneity in joyful colours and subtle mark-making. The Artist works intuitively in layers to add depth and mystery by revealing and hiding shapes and colours until there is clarity in the storytelling. Her current collection uses a strong floral motif to portray emotions of sadness, loss, resiliency, hope, love and joy experienced during the pandemic.

Michelle holds degrees as an Ed. S. Educational Specialist and a M.Sc. Computing Technology in Education from Nova Southeastern University, Florida, both informing her passion for lifelong learning. Michelle is a member of the Quinte Art Council, as well as two art associations. She regularly participates in member and juried shows and presents mixed media workshops in her studio.

Edwin Matthews

Edwin began his career with four wonderful years as an apprentice to the late A.J. Casson of the famous “Group of Seven” Canadian painters.

A prolific painter in watercolours, acrylics and oils, Edwin’s paintings have a ‘painted quality’ unlike super realism painters whose paintings have photographic details. Edwin’s paintings sparkle with his portrayal of the beauty and contrasts of the Ontario landscape which is his favourite subject. Edwin fell in love with painting the ‘rugged rock’ Newfoundland and the great scenery of the Gaspe as well as the North Shore of Lake Superior where he completed hundreds of pencil sketches waiting to become full paintings.

Edwin’s paintings proudly hang in such corporations as The Ford Motor Company, E.B. Eddy Company, Lake Ontario Steel, General Foods, Canadian General Electric, Heritage Life, The Mennen Company, Xerox, Stevenson-Kellogg, as well as in 16 Canadian Consulates in foreign countries.

The prestigious ‘Buckhorn Wildlife Festival’ was originated by Edwin and his wife Barbara.

Limited edition prints available!

A limited edition Giclee Print on canvas of “Blowing from the West” is now available exclusively at The Art Shop in Lakefield. We are honoured to showcase the remainder of Edwin’s collection, which includes originals, artists’ proofs and limited edition prints.

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The Art Shop is proud to unveil ‘Twilight Time’
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Truly a ‘piece by the Master’ the late Edwin Matthews. This special painting is one of the few originals remaining in Edwin’s iconic collection of amazing work. ‘Twilight Time’ a collector’s piece would not only beautifully enhance any space but would also be a great investment!

Rene O'Connor

Rene’s move to Peterborough County in 1985 prompted the work to shift in subject from urban to rural reflecting the weighty power of nature in line, shadow, and colour. Her COTTAGE LIVING series informs the viewer of the disappearing heritage of rural Ontario. Images of sun-bathed cottages and cedar-strip canoes amidst water lilies and vast open skies became her trademark.

Rene’s work is inspired by travel, but her heart is in the Kawarthas and this is reflected in her passionate pursuit daily. Fluidity and luminous colour are her trademarks.

Sandra Sturley

Sandra Sturley, Artist, Teacher, Realistic Painting; Oil and Water, born in Vancouver, B.C. and raised in Ontario, her art training was in British Columbia.

Darlene Winfield

My inspiration to paint evolved early in childhood and has forever been in my heart and soul.

With the opportunity to live abroad in Mexico and Indonesia and travel the world my horizons werebroadened. It was thrilling tostudy and experience the light, colour and the atmosphere in different countries. The ability to see beyond my world was invaluable. With all of the exposure to so many art forms I constantly re-invent my colour palette and the studies that I create.To explore so many subjects and create new and exciting paintings is what keeps me exhilarated about every day in my studio.

During this time, I spent years drawing and studying art and art history in Greece, Italy, England, Mexico and Indonesia.

The thrill of visiting museums and cultural centres in person, left an indelible impression on me and continues to influence my paintings to this day.

Mypainting method is traditional application.It is enhanced with layering to create texture.When needed, mediums for a painting will be added.I use brushes, a palette knife and my hands to work with mixed media andoil paint. The work is impressionism with hints of semi-abstract. I use bold brush strokes and put all the emotion I have to give behind each stroke.I love painting and paint almost every single day.