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The multitude of renowned local artists include:
Paul Chester • Kelly Dodge • Kay Gregg • Edwin Matthews • Pam Buckler • Sandra Sturley • Réné O’Connor
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Paul Chester

Inspired by the horizons, water scenes and rolling hills that surround his studio in Southeastern Ontario, the contemporary paintings of Paul Chester portray peaceful settings in the natural landscape: metaphors for the passage of time.

Edwin Matthews

Limited edition prints available!

A limited edition Giclee Print on canvas of “Blowing from the West” is now available exclusively at The Art Shop in Lakefield. We are honored to showcase the remainder of Edwin’s collection which includes originals, artists’ proofs and limited edition prints.

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Kay Gregg

An accomplished florist, stylist and musician, Kay Gregg traded in her florist’s knife for a palette knife and pushed forward to make and paint with oils, acrylics and found materials. Having grown up in rural Toronto Township, near what is now Pearson Airport, Kay lives outside Lakefield, in the Kawartha Lakes region of Ontario. Be it oil paint, acrylic paint or mixed media Kay’s art practice evolves, to reflect, interpret and communicate. Kay’s work, including commissions, can be found in private collections across Canada.

To learn more about Kay, visit her website.

Réné O'Connor

Born and raised in Toronto, Ontario, Rene O’Connor studied under various masters of painting and began to draw respect for her distinctive impressionistic style in both watercolour and oil. Her work garnered numerous awards and was highly sought after in Toronto. The focus at this time concentrated largely on romantic street scenes of Toronto’s downtown core. Allen Gardens, the Flat Iron Building and the Old City Hall were iconic subjects in Rene’s OLD TORONTO series.

Rene’s move to Peterborough County in 1985 prompted the work to shift in subject from urban to rural reflecting the weighty power of nature in line, shadow, and colour. Her COTTAGE LIVING series informs the viewer of the disappearing heritage of rural Ontario. Images of sun-bathed cottages and cedar-strip canoes amidst water lilies and vast open skies became her trademark.

The CAFE SERIES emerged during Rene’s sojourn in the south of France and captures the essence of French Village life with its luminous parade of romantic architecture, colour and flavour.

Rene’s work is inspired by travel, but her heart is in the Kawarthas and this is reflected in her passionate pursuit daily. Fluidity and luminous colour are her trademarks.

Sandra Sturley

Sandra Sturley, Artist, Teacher, Realistic Painting; Oil and Water, born in Vancouver, B.C. and raised in Ontario, her art training was in British Columbia.

Kelly Dodge

Kelly had her first exhibition as a professional artist in 2001. The event marked the beginning of a fast rising career that has garnered both national and international recognition. She is a signature member of the Artists for Conservation (AFC), the Pastel Society of America, and the Society of Animal Artists, N.Y. In 2004 she was deemed an ‘Artist of Note’ by Wildlife Art magazine. In 2009 she received the prestigious AFC Flag Expedition Fellowship enabling her to travel to the Galapagos Islands for the purposes of artistic field research. She has been awarded the AFC Medal of Excellence twice. This award is given annually in recognition of extraordinary artwork.

Kelly’s use of medium is noteworthy, not only in the sense of achieving a personal style, but also from the perspective of a technique that is decisive, and demonstrates a confidence that only comes with mastering one’s medium coupled with an intimate knowledge of the chosen subject matter. Both attributes are testimony to a commitment to quality and authenticity that Kelly arrives at as a direct extension of her innate personality.

“My art is a celebration of the privileged place I hold in partnership with my fellow creatures and my Creator.” ~ Kelly Dodge

New Artists

The Art Shop is going avant-garde by spicing things up with the introduction of “The Ascenio Collection of Fine Art Prints” an exciting new series by internationally acclaimed artist Henry Asencio, a California contemporary painter. The Art Shop is proud to present new offerings by internationally acclaimed artists whose works are exhibited and collected worldwide. To view additional images visit www.naturesscene.com